Rondo In G

Rondo in G for Cello and Piano.

I was obsessed with Debussey's Violin Sonata in G minor at the time. I had to write something similar...

This is one of the few pieces from college I'm proud of. It may not be original, but it's well done and sounds good I think.

The main riff was written at the cello. I took cello lessons for a few semesters. Although I was never good enough to get into the orchestra (funny story behind that...), I did learn how to write for cello.

I got Rachel Aubuchon and Matt Pierce to play it at my recital. I think they did pretty well!

Program Notes from Senior Recital Performance (2012)

In the spring of 2011, I was taking cello lessons and a history course specifically dedicated to Claude Debussy. I was obsessed with much of his music, particularly the first movement in his Violin Sonata (also in G) for Violin and Piano. I wanted to do something in a similar style. One evening over the summer, I was practicing the cello trying to find some cool "lick" that even I could play. One thing led to another and I came up with this "jig" of sorts. I put it away until a few weeks ago when I rediscovered it (one of those rare moments when an idea you've written long ago still appeals to you!) This is a typical Sonata-Rondo Form ABA C ABA where the last B section is in the tonic. The harmonies are very straight-forward and impressionistic. The B section is an inversion of the main theme. The C section is an idea loosely based on a pianistic technique from Charles-Valentin Alkan's Symphony for Solo Piano Movement 1. When thinking of two performers to play this piece, I wanted none other than Matt Pierce and Rachel Aubuchon. I've always admired both for their mature musicianship and supreme command over their respective instruments. I'm very honored that they were willing to play my piece!