After Godowsky

Chopin's Black Key etude as played by Dave Matthews?

This was the first song I ever tried writing. I was inspired by how Godowsky rearranged Chopin's etudes, particularly the Black Keys etude. So I thought it'd be cool to make a Dave Matthews style song using the famous Chopin line as a rhythm guitar part.

I intended to create this to be played with Meyer Neel at my Senior Recital (April 1, 2012). All I had was a scant sketch that I brought to Meyer at Loeb for a reading and it went about as bad as you can imagine. I wrote something much more simpler for that concert and put this idea away for a few years after that.

I worked on it through the years until finally recording something with Jeremiah in late 2015. I like the musical ideas but like many other songs I wrote in this era the lyrics have serious warts.