The Cat

Got a cat named Sophie. She's a nine-year-old cat from a neighbor lady. The neighbor is moving away and wanted the cat to stay with someone here. Sophie is quite the personality. She likes things and doesn't like things and isn't afraid to tell you.

I never thought of myself as a cat person but found myself humoring the thought of having a pet around the house for a while now. When this situation arose, I figured I'd go for it. I need a mixup every once in a while.

So far it's going alright. Since Sophie is so old, it's evident that she's still adjusting. She was an indoor/outdoor cat, but we need to keep Sophie indoors to start, so she doesn't run away back to the old home. Consequently, the cat has a lot of pent-up energy whenever Caleb or I get home from being inside all day. After she settles here, we'll try the indoor/outdoor thing.


We're making lots of progress on our Sizable album. Songs are coming together quickly. I'm streaming the work that I do so it's easier to get more done. Brad bought a decent camera, so we'll likely be streaming there too twice a week when we are all together.


The programming has been exciting this week too. I've been using a bunch of Functional Programming on The Rewrite. Thankfully my teammates have been going along with it! We're only using basic styles as that's all I'm comfortable with at the moment.

Apart from Carfax stuff, I've halted my almost-complete time-tracker rewrite to work on something that may be very useful for users of GraphQL. It's similar to the work I've done with Graph Engineering before but with a refined vision. I'll explain more once the idea has solidified.