The Unexpected Carfax Projects

This week has been a pretty dynamic one for my work life.

Early on in these blogs I wrote about some work-related projects that I had been experimenting with during my free time. These projects sprung from many theoretical conversations I had with friend and co-worker Conner Ruhl. In short, we imagined a future at Carfax where most of our core data was accessible through one GraphQL API instead of the fragmented mess we have now.

We pushed for this idea in meetings and even spent a hackathon making some experiments (which won a minor prize) and even though it seemed business leaders were onboard with the idea in theory, I was personally pessimistic about it actually coming to life.

That's why I was somewhat shocked when the business ordered the first "section" of this graph to be built. And as of now, Conner and I (and a few others) are assigned to work on it.

Also, a few of our Project Managers (guys who keep us on track) were in town this weekend to discuss an API cloud migration / rewrite for one our team's main API. I proposed rewriting the entire app (and the apps that consume it) using a GraphQL API. This effort would take about 3 times longer than I expected.

And somehow there wasn't any resistance to this idea and everyone seemed to jump on board, once again, much to my surprise.

I haven't been that thrilled to work at Carfax lately and this seems like quite a change for the better. I'm excited. Well... sort of. I'm not going too much into detail this post but to put it simply, my work life is about to change one way or another.


Recorded 1-2 songs with Sizable. We're going along fast with this one. We're all pretty busy with our lives but getting much better at making good use of our time in our respective "studios."

Passion Projects

Putting some finishing touches on 2 songs independent of Sizable. I'm going to Wil's studio again next Wednesday night to mix these songs. For one of the songs -- Caleb's song -- I had a few friends come in to record bass and background vocals. There is still some outstanding work to be done on that song before next Wednesday. I've been working on these songs on and off since the beginning of the year so it will be nice to have them behind me soon.

I'll call it there, peace!