My first (and probably) last film score.

Brian Maurer (Columbia, MO) hired me to write music for his film. I was out in LA trying to be a film composer so I thought it'd be a great opportunity. When I came home to visit family in December 2012, I met with him and we talked about the film, the music, etc. Picture lock came in early February and I went to work scoring the film using ideas I had been generating in January.

I'm thankful for the opportunity but it was very difficult for me. It was a combination of having no experience actually writing music for film, having a very constrained setup (limited edition of Cubase could only support a few tracks), and having no budget for live musicians. All of my training up to this point was basically in writing music for human musicians and there was basically no option to put that into practice for this film.

In this Jan/Feb 2013 period, I was seriously considering leaving LA already and this definitely helped to make the decision. It gave me the general vibes "Ya, this ain't for me."

So again, I'm thankful for the opportunity and I did what I could but ultimately I know I came up way short in delivering a good score. I never caught up with Brian since but I can only hope he wasn't too upset with my work.