I hope it's you

Cheesy but sincere song about a girl.

What is there to say? I remember writing this about a woman I was hanging out with at the time. After I convinced myself it'd never work out, I wrote this song. I remember thinking, "Well, if it doesn't work out, at least I'll have this song." What a dumb trade-off. But maybe the song was just a way of coping with the inevitable loss. Who knows.

There's lots of lyrical things that make me cringe now. It's all super specific to the person the song is about and times we've had together which I like, but I didn't work hard enough smoothing the edges. Maybe I'll revisit it.

I originally wrote this and played it with the great Zack Clark and Thom Howard but later adapted it for Sizable when we did that 4 albums in 1 year thing.