To that beautiful girl whose name I still can't pronounce... (not gwendolina... I can say that one... jesus)

I met this beautiful 30s something French woman named Gwendoline while being an extra in LA (in 2013). We got to know each a bit in between shoots. She was part of some punk rock band. We fell in love a little bit. Well at least I did. Later that summer in Alaska there was another girl from Bulgaria who I also fell in love with a little. This song is about that stupid kind of love. Yeah, it feels stupid to type this in retrospect but here I am.

In retrospect, I don't mind many aspects of this song and it feels like me. Some of the lyrics are pretty yikes. The song is too long and there are instrumentals where there shouldn't be. It's a 7 minute song lol. Maybe I'll fix these things some day.