Get Over It

A song about giving up on your dreams.

I remember walking into the kitchen at the place I stayed in on Amelia, staring at the oven for a second, and then the first few notes of this song just came into my head. After that the song pretty much wrote itself.

I wanted it to start out with a simple arrangement and simple harmonic structure but get more complex, more romantic, and more desperate as the song progressed.

A lot of the lyrics don't sound right to me (they never did). But there are a few things in there I like. In particular, there is a line that goes "And when that day is over, I only hope I'm closer to that dream I had." But the next time it comes around it goes, "But when that day is over, the only thing I'm closer to is being dead." I remember performing this at Fretboard Coffee (?), First Friday downtown como with Jeremiah. A few friends and family members were there. Anyways, I vividly remember my Aunt Debbie almost spitting out her drink with a burst of unrestrained laughter when I sang that line. It was glorious. By far one of the best moments of my life. I'm not generally into putting humor in songs, but this sincere/deadpan/sarcasm feels right to me often as I get older. And this is the first instance I used it in one of my songs.