The Streaks

I downloaded this simple app that helps build/break habits after listening to a co-worker talk about it months ago. I think it's called "Habits." You make a list of daily habits you want to create, and it creates a sliding calendar of nothing but checkmarks for each habit. When you complete each of those habits for the day, you put a checkmark there. After a few days, you start to develop a "streak."

Here are the ones that I put on there:

Although I've only been at it for a week, I've done a good job of keeping some streaks going. Obviously, that list contains both things I want to do and things I don't want to do. Regardless of the specific goal, it's incredible how much easier it is to follow through when you have even a plain system of accountability.

3rd album is coming

We finished up our last mixing/mastering session last night. The tracks have been uploaded to CDBaby and will be distributed to many platforms soon. Stay tuned. I'll make a more significant post about it.

Another week off

Most likely, I'll burn another week of vacation I have saved up this coming week. I'm going to use the time for two primary purposes: to hit the ground running for Sizable's final album of the year and to conscientiously prepare for some possible job interviews.