The Side Music Projects

Spent time in the studio with Wil Reeves again mixing and mastering two songs I produced. One song was with Anup and one was with Caleb. In 3 hours we got through both of them and everyone was satisfied with the results.

I hope at some point I can share them but as of now I can't. They're not my songs; I just really wanted to produce them. Consequently, I don't have (or want to have) a say in the release of those songs. If they release them though, I'll probably mention it here and / or elsewhere.


I've been having a little problem focusing recently. There's just too much that may or may not happen regarding my work life. And the mix of feelings of possibility and impossibility make me a bit restless.

I promised myself that I wouldn't think about "what's next" regarding a lot of things but mainly my job at Carfax, but now I find myself flirting with different opportunities and wondering what I'll do.

Also a few of my co-workers are prepping for big technical interviews at FAANG companies and some of the problems they are learning to solve interest me. Since working at one of those places might be something I pursue in the future, I can't help but think about those problems too and wonder how I might approach that learning process. Most likely I'd just lock myself in a room with a whiteboard and not leave until I've figured out a problem completely on my own. But I probably shouldn't be concerned with this now.

I've also lately been trying to work on PAPIO but just become disinterested in it and start wasting time reading the news or watching some youtube videos. Even though I'm fascinated by the concept of that site, it's hard to find the motivation to work on it for some reason. I think I need to respect my instincts and stay away from it at the moment and pursue smaller ideas.

Also, earlier today I was thinking that next year I might make a goal to write 366 songs (it's a leap year).

Then I wondered if I got a summer job up in Skagway again and chilled there for a bit.

Found this game and have been playing it on my breaks over the past few days. I have a 2ft x 4ft mousepad at work and use an extremely low sensitivity with no acceleration on my mouse. I've always been fascinated by FPS and enjoy the hand-eye coordination it requires.

Anyway, just being honest about these things. I'm distracted obviously and trying to find my center again.

In Other News

Basement Problems

My basement flooded pretty hard for the first time since buying this house over a year ago. Apparently there is some "backflow" to prevent sewage from coming up the drain when a big rain comes along. But as far as I understand, it also means that if you use too much water in the house (shower, laundry, etc.) while it's raining then water will not drain fast enough and back up (but at least it's not sewage)... Something like that.


I stopped going to RHO for now. Started doing yoga regularly. 30 minutes a day. I'm counting it as exercise. I'm not 19 any more and stretching and lifting my body weight is definitely exercise. I have an app on my phone I bought years ago. It has a variety of 30 minute yoga videos I follow. I feel pretty darn good afterwards. Doing that about 6 times a week only gets me 3 of the 5.2 hours I wanted per week. I really need to start putting in more time on that goal.


I stopped cooking my "sausage / eggs / etc." breakfast. I instead started eating a simple bowl of oatmeal and drinking a cup of decaf coffee. My stomach feels more consistent as a result. It always seems that the less I cook for myself the better. Not sure why.


Since I've been brushing up a bit and updating my resume, I've been thinking about revamping my website with a new design that shows off some of the things I've learned. The current site is all React + Gatsby but I'm interested in if I can show off my GraphQL ability. So I've been thinking about how to express everything I am and do in a graph. Obviously if I make this abstract enough, it could apply to any human. For now, I'm just trying to sketch what a schema might look like.