The Roommate Projects

I've been doing a lot of projects recently with my roommate and friend, Caleb Salyer. For the last few weeks we've been recording podcasts. The subject matter has been about finding out what we want to talk about when we start "really" making them.

But that has shifted! Now we've been rearranging the kindling to reignite an old flame of an idea we had years ago: a sitcom.

We had this idea perhaps 4 years ago and we'd spend a few hours here and there back then writing some ideas down but it was pretty uninspired. We'd go to Shakes, have a beer or two and start writing ideas but then mostly get distracted and just hang out at the bar.

Now we're much more focused. We're spending all the time we were previously devoting to podcasting about coming up with a podcast to instead podcast about coming up with a sitcom.

What's the sitcom about???

Two dudes coming up with a podcast.

That's what were thinking as of now. We got a lot of work to do but we're off to a hot start.

Best Soundboard

When we were previously thinking about podcast ideas, I felt like we could try to use a soundboard. Well, long story short, I made a soundboard app. It's easy to use, configure, save, and share. Simply go to

Non-Sizable Songs

Finally, Caleb and I are going to be finishing up an arrangement of one of his songs I did and we're going into Wil's studio to mix and master it.

I'm also going to finish up a song I'm producing for my friend Anup too.

Sizable 1st album delayed

Unfortunately, the release of the album that Sizable finished making last month, "Morning," will not be coming out immediately. We're waiting to get permission to release one of the songs which is a cover. Because of all these delays and extra work, it's unlikely we'll be recording any more covers on our albums going forward.

The good news is that we're already starting on the next one in full force. We got all 13 picked out. Some of them are fresh. One hasn't even been written yet. We also have some old Sizable songs and Brad / Eric backlogs.

When it finally comes out inevitably, I'll make a special blog post about it.

Upwards and onwards...!