The Raid

The Raid

After all the equipment came in for streaming, Caleb and I hosted our first twitch stream. It was 3-4 hours long. We made a lot of mistakes, but it was reasonably fun. We ended up playing Krunker and talking for most of it. Towards the end, we switched to music productions and made a short track.

When I reflect on the experience, I realize there were a lot of details in the production that could have been better. My voice clips a lot (a general problem that follows me). Our stream title and category were not updated effectively to attract viewers for the whole stream. (Twitch's interface could be more helpful.) Finally, the sound quality coming from my computer was not that great for whatever reason. We'll work through the issues and make the next stream an improvement!

The most exciting part of the stream was when moral was a little low. I was personally about to throw in the towel when out of nowhere we had like eight people chatting with us actively. Some other Krunker streamer raided us when he was ending his stream and saw we had no followers. These new guests we had did not leave immediately, however. They watched us for another hour, and we even played Krunker with them.


We finished our last mixing session for the second album a few days ago, and it should be coming out soon. Overall I'm pretty darn satisfied with the way it turned out. I have to hand the cake to Brad on this one as he did so much work with editing and alignment.

I'll make a more significant post about it when it's officially released!