The Green Screen

I bought a green screen for my streaming experiments. Caleb set it up for our Dead Slice stream. It just works. OBS is a pretty fantastic tool. I've been streaming three different themes:

The Dead Slice - Caleb and I usually just hanging out playing bingo or krunker. Sizable - me working on Sizable stuff. In the future, we'll likely have our bi-weekly sessions as a band streamed Joseph Weidinger - only me working on coding or music projects

I plan on doing this more and more. I don't expect people actually to watch it, but I work harder and get less distracted when I'm streaming regardless if anyone is watching. I also like how easy it is to document my life. It's a little exhausting for some reason, but it's worth it.

I'm happy with the setup that I have now. The equipment works nicely together, and the quality is pretty darn good. I do want to become more consistent with my streaming schedule, however. I'll figure that out in the next week.


We're supposed to be halfway through this Sizable album, but we're pretty far behind. We started meeting twice a week to catch up. I also think that streaming will help me work harder and more efficiently.


School is back in session, and that means the busy part of the year at Shakes is about to start. The busyness is my chance to prove myself as the best roller that I can be. I know I can't keep doing this forever, so I'm going to give it all I got this football season.

The only thing I have to be careful about is my wrists. When I rolled full time at Shakes, I didn't have a problem with the abuse that my wrists took from rolling. However, now that I only roll once a week, I forget how unconditioned my wrists can be and push myself too hard sometimes. A year or two back, I developed a little knot on my wrist after one particularly busy football game day. It went away with rest, but I'm more careful now.