The Car Break-In

My car got broken into sometime early Sunday morning. They busted out the window on my Volt, opened my glove box, and that's about it. I don't think they took a single thing. But unfortunately, the damage they did is forcing me to get a whole new door.

Even with insurance covering most of it, it still costs me a lot of money. I also bought some Arlo security cameras that will hopefully dissuade further crimes. But even that costs a fair amount of money and doesn't entirely prevent it.

India Nite

I'm participating in India Nite once again. Anup and I have a great line up this year.

Every year it feels like we have such little time to prepare, but it's mostly my fault. However, I'm more on top of the preparation this year. I streamed for many hours this past Sunday transcribing all the songs. I'm going to schedule the first rehearsal over the weekend. Anyways, I'm excited, and the bandmembers are too.


I'm in the process of creating a new GraphQL library that exposes a bunch of types that many units of measurements in various formats.

Currently, in many APIs, you might have a field on a response that looks like "odometerInMiles" which might equal 1000 and another field named "odometerInKM" which equals 1609. In GraphQL, this can be concisely represented as a "Distance" type, and it could expose the value with every kind of distance unit you could want.

This library provides those types and does all the calculations for you. And it also offers simple ways to round and format each number. I hope to finish it up and go over it with Conner and make a Medium article about it in the coming weeks.

Pedal Steel Guitar

I might buy a pedal steel guitar soon. I've wanted to acquire more country instruments for a while now, and the steel guitar is the next logical step. It's a tricky instrument to learn, but because I have experience playing the organ and the guitar, I think it'll be a natural fit for me.

I might do something crazy like take off a week of work and stream the whole learning process. My main goal would be to acquire the technical intuition to play what I hear in my head to some degree, mainly when recording stuff on my own.

I'll keep you up to date about that.