Song-Writing Sabbatical (AKA Christmas)

Today I spent most of the day working on various new songs for some projects next year. In addition to doing more stuff with Sizable and musical projects with other friends, I want to make an album and an EP with my own material.

The album is something I've been thinking about for years: it'd mostly contain my older pre-Sizable songs except with an epic scale production behind them. I'll spare the details for another time.

The EP idea is to record a handful of joyful funk songs on solo acoustic guitar + voice + one other instrument. Those are the songs I'm thinking about now.

I'm experimenting with an altered process of writing songs for the EP. It's similar to what I described before but slightly altered since I've been in a Nirvana kick recently. I've been analyzing In Utero, breaking down the structure of each song into sections, and then coming up with new sections that are my own but also map to the In Utero ones. This helps me bootstrap the process of writing. The more I flesh out the songs, the more they'll take on a life of their own.

Time off

Despite a few days of time off which I'm calling a sabbatical, I won't be taking off a lot of work overall this year. My time off plan at EquipmentShare is ambiguous to put it lightly, and I haven't been there long enough to feel confident about asking to take much more than 2-3 days off.


We have two more days left in Wil's studio before we wrap up our sessions. Things went super well last week, and we're all very excited to put out this final album of 2019.