Snowy week at Centro Cellar

In the last week or so, Sizable has been in the studio four times mixing our last record for the year. We have two more sessions booked before the year's end, so we can release the final album in 2019. That's the plan, anyways.

I love being in the studio at Centro Cellar. Every time I step in, I feel a rush of optimism and joy. Because we record at home and only utilize the studio to mix music, every time we go there, we are finishing songs we've been working on for months; everything comes together there and leaves sounding so much better.

Wil Reeves, the owner, is a professional. He's warm and friendly but also quick and methodical. And he knows his stuff; he has a seemingly infinite supply of techniques, ideas, and tools to make things sound better.

Finally, the rooms are well-engineered and aesthetically pleasing. It's just a cool place to be... and it's 5 minutes away from my house.


Work at EquipmentShare has been enjoyable overall, but there's more of it. Today I worked 9 to 5 non-stop. I know that probably doesn't sound too extreme, but when you're constantly reading, writing, and talking about technical things, it certainly feels like a lot.

We've been having a lot of meetings recently. They're mostly about expansion and how we can grow our codebase sustainably to meet the demands of the business. ES is in a transitional period coming from embracing a more start-up mindset to now valuing more long-term concerns. That often involves slowing things down and talking about it a lot more. Despite being new, I feel like I can often contribute meaningfully by using my natural curiosity to ask the "right" questions: ones that make the whole conversation more thorough.

Even though the Software Engineering gig is purely remote at ES, I like coming into HQ everyday. One of the perks is that they have a skilled chef and assistant that make fresh food. Today I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner at ES. That's my new normal. It's all high-quality, delicious food... and it's free. I am lucky.

Nearing the End of this Year

In addition to spending more time with my family these holidays, I'll be spending a lot of time working on new songs and writing blog posts. Looking at my goals, there are a few that will not be completed, unfortunately. I'm slowly accepting this fact while trying to remain optimistic about the ones I am going to finish. I've also been thinking a lot about what I want to do next year. I'll probably make a write-up about that soon.

Until then...