Q1 Update

Q1 ended a few weeks ago and I want to check on how I'm delivering on the goals I made a few months ago.

1. 52 people interviewed

So far, I've interviewed 8 people with a few more on the way. I definitely need to be putting a little more effort into this. I generally have no trouble coming up with people that I want to interview and the questions I would ask them, but I simply don't think about it often enough to remember to take time to reach out to those people when I'm at my computer as silly as that sounds (given I spend the majority of my day at a computer).

2. 52 songs recorded with Sizable (Brad Harris, Patti Harris, Eric Bohle, and me)

We're on track! Today we "dropped" that album on Spotify. We all put in a good effort on this and it's encouraging to be part of a group where everyone enjoys doing the work. Thank you so much to Brad who shared a lot of music editing and recording duties. Thanks to Patti for spending a good amount of time figuring out how to "release" music properly. And thank you to Eric for writing those original songs, always being ready to record mandolin parts and sing, and always being open to our musical ideas regarding arrangement. And thanks to everyone collectively for putting in a lot of their energy, time, and money into this project.

We finished up the album a few weeks ago and are already working on the next album in full force. Because cover songs are a legal annoyance, we're avoiding them all together going forward. This means there is even more work to do but it's the good kind of work.

3. 52 updates via this blog

I'm on track for this goal too. I can't say that I'm capable of writing something riveting every week, but selfishly it's been quite nice and cathartic to force myself to write something.

4. 52 weeks with every minute tracked.

I am tracking every minute and I have basically 100% of the data for this. It's not easily accessible yet to me, however. I still need to tag several months worth of data and I may end up writing some code myself to help me do it. It would be valuable to have those numbers but as far as my time goals are concerned, I'm pretty sure I have a good feeling for how far ahead or behind I am.

5. 5.2 hours a day working on passion projects (mostly coding related)

This goal is somewhat elusive because I didn't really define "passion projects" well. I definitely intended it to be left a little vague because I didn't want to limit myself to exploring new possibilities that I consider "productive" like recently 1. producing another song on the side or 2. experimenting with a podcast with my friend and roommate Caleb.

As far as extra coding is concerned, I'd estimate that around 3 hours a day. All other "passion" projects combined I'd say account for 1 hour a day on average. So I'd still say I'm a behind on this goal but again, I don't really have the data to give a definitive answer.

Here are three things that I spent a lot of effort on regarding my "passion project" time:

  1. https://papio.io - i.e. a place to host my interviews and transcriptions. I'm currently working on it now again to support clips of interviews. This will be a big project I work on throughout the year. My main goal is to have a very "indexable" site for audio/text content so that these interviews will show up at the top of Google when a relevant search is made.
  2. learning a lot about GraphQL - I use graphql extensively in my personal projects and at work. I spent a good amount of time experimenting with work-related projects that could manifest themselves soon.
  3. https://bestsoundboard.com - a stupid webapp (desktop only at the moment) I made to experiment with using canned sound effects on a podcast that roommate Caleb and I are making. I thought I'd build it in 2 days but it took about 3 weeks. To be fair, I did have a prototype in 2 days but the concept was too expansive and abstract to be practical. I ended up rewriting the whole thing 3 times but I'm pretty happy with it now.

6. 5.2 hours a week exercising (biking to work + Rho / Crossfit)

I get most of my exercise from RHO Engine room currently. I do that probably 2.8 times a week on average (and each session is an hour). I also play basketball during my breaks at carfax often and that probably accounts for up to an hour a week. Consequently, I estimate 3.5 - 4 hours a week that I dedicate to this goal. Behind once again.

I plan to rectify this by biking to work often and doing yoga. That'll start soon!

7. 5.2 hours a week working at Shakespeares Pizza (Downtown)

I think I'm close on this goal. Each shift is about 4-5 hours long. I do occasionally miss a shift to go out of town but occasionally work an extra shift on Saturday when it's really busy.

More than likely I'll be slightly behind on this goal all year until football season when I'll swiftly catch up by rolling Saturday days / nights in addition to my regular Friday night shift.

Wrap Up

Today is Easter and I'll be hanging out with family a bit but that's really about all I have for now. Peace out!